Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline Review

Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline Review

Are you looking for a great solution to help energetic youngsters burn off some of their energy when cooped up inside on a rainy day? The Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline might be the ticket to keeping your young child entertained and engaged in safe indoor activity. This triangular trampoline challenges the boring ho-hum look and feel of a traditional black circular model.

With its bright colors and integrated features, the JumpStart is geared up and ready for fun as soon as you set it up. Read on to learn more about this exciting and interactive toy.

Diggin JumpSmart Trampoline Features


Many parents considering a trampoline for their children might be concerned about the safety of such a piece of equipment. Sure, it’s great for getting energy out, but can it stand up to the wear and tear of sometimes rough play without giving in?

The JumpStart trampoline is unique in its build because it has a triangular shaped frame that keeps it from tipping over, even when used roughly, as a small child might. It has a rounded edge design that keeps little ones from injuring themselves if they fall off or run into it.


The interactive component of the trampoline engage the senses to give a child immersive indoor play. From bouncing to a responsive noise component, the JumpStart engages the body and captures the imagination.

This toy is a great way to help little ones get out their extra energy and grab a good night’s sleep, even in the middle of winter when outdoor play is not an option.


The JumpStart is equipped with an easy-grip handlebar that features an educational game that responds with different sounds for each jump a child makes. From counting animal sounds to silly noises, the JumpStart helps to encourage motor skill development through jumping.

The handlebar also provides extra stability to keep young jumpers safe and engaged. Game play encourages longer jumping sessions and promotes healthy development.


The JumpStart is bright and has a very kid-friendly aesthetic. Decked out in neon orange, blue and green, this fun trampoline is a toy kids just can’t resist!

The green jumping mat helps kids know where to jump so they don’t miss a beat. And the colored bumpers are deeply padded to cushion falls or mis-jumps when they occur.


Rated for use indoors or out, the JumpStart can be used in the living room or on the front porch. Whatever the weather, you can setup this trampoline for engaging play wherever you are.

Bear in mind that the JumpStart is somewhat portable, but does not fold. Decide on a central location where you want the trampoline to stay and move it only for excursions if the need arises.


  • Very brightly colored and engaging for children
  • Safe active play, with included handlebar, bumpers, and a well-made frame
  • ​Educational gameplay stimulates the senses and grows the imagination
  • Safe for indoor and outdoor play


  • Some users report that the JumpStart is very difficult to assemble
  • Requires full disassembly for moving or storage
  • ​Some fabric on borders may tear easily

Highlighted features

  • Integrated educational handlebar provides safety for children and a fun game challenge that helps children to learn as they jump
  • Fun design keeps children occupied with healthy physical activity indoors, when weather doesn’t permit outdoor play
  • Parents and caregivers can rest assured that children are getting their energy out in a safe, constructive way when using the JumpStart


What is the weight limit for this trampoline?

The JumpStart can accommodate users up to 80 pounds, and is intended for use by children between ages three and seven.

I’ve heard that setup is a challenge. Any tips for helping it go a little smoother?

If you can work with another person to help the process, you’ll probably have the setup completed more quickly. Additionally, try to use a large space for setup, if possible, lay out all of the pieces in order and follow the included instructions as written for best results.

Is this trampoline suited for use in an apartment, where it’s tough to take my kids outside sometimes?

Yes, the trampoline is a good choice for families living in apartment, provided you have ample indoor space to set it up.

Final Verdict

The Diggin JumpStart trampoline is a standout hit for preschoolers to get out some of their extra energy while indoors. Its cheerful design and fun electronic handlebar provide hours of enjoyment. The JumpStart is a safe way to introduce children to the benefits of movement and activity and can help them to develop gross motor skills. I recommend the JumpStart for any family with active young children.

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