How to clean a trampoline

How to clean a trampoline

Does your trampoline need a little TLC?

Over time, trampolines collect dirt and other matter that makes them seem pretty grody and may even leave dark smudges on jumpers’ feet, knees and clothing. No one enjoys getting dirty without even playing in the dirt, and you certainly don’t want to worry about the embarrassment of sending your children’s friends home with filthy clothing from playing on your trampoline.So we are going to tell about How to clean a trampoline?

While the occasional rain shower can offer some helpful rinsing, over time the trampoline retains dirt and debris from being outdoors and requires an even more in depth clean. To clean your trampoline, you need only reserve a bit of time one weekend and follow some simple steps for accomplishing the job.

Since we imagine you probably don’t want to have to give your kids an impromptu bath each time they jump or launder loads of extra laundry, let’s look at the best way to clean your trampoline.

What you’ll need to clean your trampoline

Before you head to the backyard and start scrubbing, you’ll need to assemble the materials that you’ll use to complete the job. Cleaning a trampoline is a relatively straightforward process, so you won’t need much, and what you do need can be gathered from around the house fairly quickly.

To clean your trampoline, you need:

  • A broom - for removing excess debris
  • Soap and water - use something strong enough to power through tough dirt and grime. You’ll likely need quite a bit of soap, so don’t be shy when pouring it.
  • Bucket - to transport the soap and water to and around the trampoline
  • Scrub brush and rags - choose something non-abrasive, since you don’t want to scrub through the material itself. You will however, want something that’s strong enough to really get through the dirt.
  • Hose - for rinsing the trampoline before and after scrubbing
  • Towels - for drying the trampoline

Step one: Prepare the mat

You’ll want to start your trampoline cleaning by preparing the mat for a good scrub. Begin by sweeping away any loose debris, like twigs, mulch or visible dirt. Removing larger pieces will help you to get to work on the ground in stuff once you set to scrubbing.

Once the large debris has been removed, spray the mat with your hose to remove more surface dust. The more you can remove before you clean, the less you’ll have to scrub off manually.

Step two: Scrub the mat

Now that you’ve got your mat prepared for cleaning, it’s time to scrub. Working carefully and on your hands and knees, begin scrubbing the mat with soap and water.

Start your scrubbing at the furthest point from your screen entrance, if applicable and work in sections until you make your way around the entire mat and back to the entrance. You want to make sure to cover each bit equally, but don’t accidentally scrub yourself into the center!

While you’re cleaning, be very mindful of your movements on the trampoline. Trampoline mats get very slippery when you add soap and water, so take care to not stand up during the process or make any sudden motions, if possible.

Step three: Clean the enclosure (optional)

If you have an enclosure around the trampoline, you may consider washing it, as well. While the enclosure is exposed to the same elements as the mat, it doesn’t get dirt ground into it the same way that the underfoot mat does.

If you notice only one or two particularly bad spots on the enclosure, go ahead and spot clean them before you perform the final rinse of the trampoline. If your enclosure is very dirty, you may want to disassemble the whole thing and clean it away from the trampoline, returning it after a good scrub.

Step four: Rinse the mat

Once you’ve thoroughly scrubbed the mat with soap and water, it’s time to rinse off all of the sludge. Take time to run clean water over every bit of the mat to remove remaining dirty residue. You should hold the hose in each spot until the water runs mostly clean and you can see that the visible dirt is gone.

You may desire to go over each spot a couple of times to remove any dirt that may splash around as you spray the may. After two or three goes, your mat should be sparkling clean and as good as new.


Did you enjoy learning about how to clean your trampoline? We hope that this guide has inspired you to head outside and clean up your trampoline for a season of jumping fun.

I think that this tutorial is straightforward enough for any trampoline enthusiast to follow and that learning to clean your trampoline properly can keep your family comfortable while jumping while extending the life of your trampoline.

Have you tried to clean your trampoline before? How did it go? Let us know your thoughts and tips in the comments below and if you like what you see here, consider sharing this guide with your other trampoline-owning friends.


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