Skywalker Trampoline Reviews

Skywalker Trampoline Reviews

Getting outside and exercising in the warm sun is a great way to keep kids active and healthy. Skywalker trampolines are fun and engaging outdoor toys that are safe for kids of all ages.

The Skywalker company is committed to providing trampolines and game equipment that are safe and tons of fun for getting kids active outdoors. They’re among the most popular trampolines in the industry, and as you work your way through this guide, you’ll see why.

With a priority for safety and a penchant for fun the Skywalker trampoline has designed some of the best trampolines for outdoor use. You’ll see that the innovative designs and generously sized jump platforms are just the ticket for getting your kids outdoors and active.

Today, we’re going to look at some of the important considerations to take before purchasing a Skywalker trampoline. Then we’ll review some of the more popular Skywalker models and make some recommendations for which trampoline will fit your own needs.

Once we finish the guide, I’m confident that you’ll know all of the important details for picking a Skywalker trampoline of your own. So let’s get started!

Skywalker Trampoline Reviews 2017-Top Picks

Now that you know what you’re looking for, let’s get into looking at some of the most popular Skywalker trampolines out there. I’m going to cover the ins and outs of each trampoline, including pros and cons, to help you make the most informed purchasing decision.

1. Skywalker 8-foot round trampoline with safety enclosure combo

The Skywalker 8-foot round trampoline is ideal for smaller children and smaller yards. This trampoline is fully enclosed in a tight mesh that connects right to the jump surface to keep small hands from encountering the springs.

Skywalker 8-foot round trampoline

Small but mighty

This trampoline is rather petite, and is easy for most adults to assemble. Plus, rigid steel tubing sets up sturdily to prevent tip-overs and twisting throughout the trampoline’s functional life. The safety poles for holding up the enclosure are fused to the base frame with strong steels “T”s to keep the enclosure up, even when jumpers accidentally run into the sides.

Enduring jump surface

A tightly woven jump surface speaks to the durability and care put into the 8-foot trampoline. Its UV-resistant covering keeps it looking brand new, even after many seasons of use. The coating also helps to protect jumpers from slips while playing.


  • Integrated safety net connects directly to mat
  • Easy to assemble
  • ​Sturdy frame resists tipping
  • Safety tubes are connected directly to frame to prevent twisting


  • Weight limit of 175 lbs might exclude older jumpers
  • Not portable in any way
  • Doesn’t come with any accessories or assembly tools

2.Skywalker 10-foot round trampoline

With room for multiple children to jump at once, the Skywalker 10 trampoline, is a great choice for families with multiple children or little ones who want to play with friends.

Skywalker 10-foot round trampoline

Safe jumping setup

As to be expected with a Skywalker trampoline, the 10-foot model comes with the mesh enclosure to keep jumpers safe on the surface. A dual closure system keeps the entrance in the mesh shut firmly so that jumpers cannot accidentally tumble out.

Protective spring cover

This trampoline also comes with a UV-resistant spring guard to keep fingers and limbs away from dangerous springs. It’s weather-resistant and comes in your choice of four colors to surprise and delight your little jumpers.


  • No-gap enclosure system prevents dangerous gaps between the net and jump surface
  • T-socket construction increases frame strength and durability
  • ​UV-protected spring pad provides comfortable place to climb on and off
  • Dual closure system keeps kids safe inside of the trampoline


  • Weight limit of 175 lbs may exclude older jumpers
  • May be difficult to assemble
  • Spring pad may not stand up well to excessive sun exposure

3. Skywalker trampolines 12-feet jump n' dunk trampoline

With an integrated basketball game, the Skywalker 12-foot jump n’ dunk trampoline is a pre-teen’s dream!

This trampoline is designed to accommodate multiple jumpers for non-stop action. From bounding across the jump surface to shooting some hoops, the 12-foot jump n’ dunk trampoline provides house of entertainment.

Skywalker 12-foot jump n' dunk trampoline

Hoop dreams

The integrated basketball hoop is soft and won’t harm jumpers who come into contact with it. It connects easily to the side mesh but has a breakaway feature to pop right off if someone accidentally gets a limb stuck in it. This safety mechanism helps jumpers to break free from a potentially dangerous situation without injury.

Safe and secure

Other safety measures are at play for the jump n’ dunk, including reinforced t-bracket construction to provide structural stability at enclosure posts. This is particularly important for a trampoline where kids might be bumping into the sides as they try to score a shot.


Additionally, this trampoline features rust resistant springs to prolong the life of the trampoline and to resist wear from the weather. Season after season, the jump n’ dunk will be a favorite among the younger set.


  • Included basketball hoop easily attaches between two enclosure poles
  • Breakaway hoop rim protects users from accidentally becoming tangled in the hoop
  • ​Padded enclosure system protects players from injury when running into poles
  • Rust-resistant springs have long life


  • Has somewhat noisy operation
  • Does not include hardware for assembly
  • Can be difficult to find replacement parts

4. skywalker trampolines 13' square trampoline

A change from the usual round jumper, the Skywalker 13-foot square trampoline is a game-changer for your yard and tons of fun for jumpers of all ages.

Advantages of angles

One of the best parts of having a square trampoline is its increased jump surface. This trampoline has 35% more jumping area than a 12-foot round trampoline and 10% more area than a 14-foot round one. This is plenty of room for multiple jumpers to play for hours.

Additionally, the square shape is easier to place in your yard, since most yards have a naturally square shape, rather than a circular one. Instead of trying to perform some basic geometry to figure out placement, all you have to do is measure a perfect square to figure it out.

Sturdy construction

Once you set this trampoline up, it’s not going anywhere. With 3-inch thick leg pieces made from steel, it’s going to stay put without tipping or warping.

72 large coil springs and 12 gold springs keep the jump surface firmly in place, even around the square corners. These spring provide more than enough bounce and are rust-resistant to withstand the test of time.


  • Provides 35% more jump space than a traditional round trampoline of similar diameter
  • Easy to place in a yard
  • Weight limit of 250 lbs accommodates multiple children at once
  • Strong frame resists tips and bending


  • Need two people to assemble
  • Attaching springs may be difficult
  • Spring pad may show wear and tear after some regular use

5. Skywalker trampolines 15-feet jump n' dunk trampoline

A larger version of the aforementioned jump n’ dunk model, the Skywalker 15-foot jump n’ dunk trampoline provides even more room for friends to play.

Soft basketball set

An included soft basketball hoop and ball add to the excitement of jumping on the trampoline. Jumpers can get their game on with this safe set that allows them to practice their dunks with the aid of the powerful jump surface below.

Easy attach and release design make the hoop super safe, since it’s made to pull away if jarred to hard or if someone accidentally becomes caught in the hoop. And of course, the hoop can always be removed and put away for uninterrupted jumping.

Secure jump platform

With a tight weave and secure construction, the jump surface helps jumpers to get a good grip to reach new heights. Tight weave prevents slip and tight springs provide a good bounce for maximum fun.

The jump area is also enclosed with a mesh enclosure that keeps jumpers from falling out - especially important when jumpers may be more concerned with game score than following standard safety protocol.


  • No-gap enclosure system keeps jumpers safe
  • Included basketball hoop adds instant fun
  • ​Available in a variety of fun colors
  • UV-protected jump surface withstands the elements and harsh sun rays


  • Trampoline is fairly high off of the ground and does not come with a ladder
  • Does not come with assembly hardware
  • 200 lb weight limit may prohibit two older children from playing together

6. Skywalker 17-foot oval trampoline with safety enclosure

Another unusually shaped trampoline, the Skywalker 17-foot oval trampoline brings a new dimension to jumping fun. This trampoline has a generous 200-pound weight limit so it can fit a bunch of children or even an adult for jumping fun.

Skywalker 17-foot oval trampoline..

Strong base

Designed from 16 gauge galvanized steel, this trampoline has a sturdy frame that can easily stand up to regular play. It’s also weather-resistant to avoid rust and other exposure issues and remain in tip-top shape for years of use.

Skywalker security

With included safety enclosure, you can rest assured that jumpers will stay safe within the confines of the trampoline jump zone. Designed with high quality polyethylene mesh and attached to the jump surface via Skywalker’s patented interlocking v-ring design, the enclosure isn’t going anywhere, even if jumpers accidentally fall into it.


  • Large jump surface provides plenty of room for play
  • Many choices in spring pad color
  • ​Galvanized steel frame is strong and weather-resistant
  • Thick mesh net keeps jumpers safely enclosed


  • Very large and may not be suitable for all backyards
  • Does not come with ladder included and may be difficult for smaller children to climb

How To Choose The Best Skywalker Trampoline

There are a few factors consider before making a trampoline purchase. After all, the perfect trampoline on paper might not be the right one for your own setup.

Here are some of the most important considerations to work through before choosing a trampoline:


Trampolines of old were plagued with plenty of safety woes, from putting children at risk for dangerous falls to the possibility of getting tangled in a moving spring. This made the equipment get a fairly bad reputation and encouraged trampoline companies to up the ante where safety is concerned to ensure children’s safety during trampoline use.

Today’s trampolines are much safer than their older counterparts, so choosing a safe trampoline typically isn’t much of a challenge. Skywalker trampolines are particularly noted for their safe jumping and kid-friendly designs.

That being said, some users don’t want to worry about the hassle of a trampoline enclosure, since they don’t intend for small children to be using the trampoline, or for some other reason. Though all of the Skywalker models to come with included safety enclosures, you can choose not to install yours or remove it at any time.

Platform size

The size of a trampoline jump platform is an important consideration, because it impacts the number of jumpers who can use the trampoline and how well it might fit into the free space on your property. Platform sizes are measured in feet, and for large trampolines are generally between 6- and 20-feet in size.

Platform size is also descriptive of the shape that the trampoline comes in. While most trampolines are a circular shape, there is some variety, including square and oval trampolines. Because these impact the surface area of the jump screen, you do need to factor the platform’s shape into its size accommodation.

Age of jumpers

The age of your intended jumpers is an important factor for determining the best trampoline for your setup. Young children typically do better with a smaller trampoline that’s closer to the ground and has an enclosed jump area for safety.

Older children and teenagers may enjoy having more space to play on and don’t need to worry about ground height when getting into and out of the trampoline. Though it’s not wholly necessary, safety enclosures are generally a good idea for older jumpers as well, to prevent accidents.

Trampoline location

Your available space for a trampoline will also impact which trampoline works best for your property. If you have a lot of flat land outside, then you have an unlimited option when it comes to trampoline choice.

If you’re limited by yard size or hilly topography, you’ll need to be more selective with your choices. If you don’t have enough outdoor space for one of the trampolines below, you may want to consider a model that is suited for indoor use.

Advantages of Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker trampolines are some of the safest in the industry. For the Skywalker brand, safety is top priority, and it shows in each of their trampoline models.

Trampoline play is engaging for children and helps them to get physically active within a safe space. Practicing jumps and playing games on the trampoline can encourage coordination and gross motor development.

Additionally, trampoline play is a great way to burn off some extra energy, especially for families that have small yards that aren’t conducive to other types of outdoor play. Some trampolines even come with a basketball playset that is the perfect place for gaming without worrying about a special driveway setup.

The Skywalker Difference

As an industry leader in trampoline safety, Skywalker trampolines are designed to keep jumpers safe by reducing the possible risks that users may encounter while playing on or near a trampoline. From netted safety enclosures that have been designed to attach directly to the jump surface and UV-resistant jump spring covers, each model comes designs to keep children safe while playing.

Skywalker is also an innovator in their field and their trampoline designs include shapes and sizes that work for a variety of uses and yards. From oblong trampolines to square offering, Skywalker is truly thinking outside the circle when approaching the models that they offer.

Best Uses For Skywalker Trampolines

Skywalker trampolines are great for children, though adults can also use them solo. The weight limits for most models allow multiple children to play at once and enjoy games together.

Additionally, the Skywalker trampolines are ideal for yards that have a lot of flat area or are too small for large-scale outdoor activity. They’re a great way to get kids engaged in supervised outdoor activity without ever having to worry about losing track of their whereabouts.

Potential Problems with choosing a Skywalker Trampoline

While most setups can accommodate a Skywalker trampoline without much adjustment, there are still some potential problems that could keep you from finding one to suit your home setup. The most common challenge is for families that don’t have an outdoor area where they can set a trampoline up. Unfortunately, there are not any indoor options listed here, so if you’re an apartment dweller, that might be a deal breaker.

What You Need Before Purchasing a Skywalker Trampoline

There are few prerequisites to owning a Skywalker trampoline however, it’s worth mentioning the things you’ll want to have in order to be the most satisfied with your trampoline purchase.


Obviously a yard is a must for a large piece of outdoor play equipment. Because trampolines are largely self-contained, a huge yard isn’t essential. However, if you have a hilly or particularly rocky yard, you may need to perform some type of leveling in order to ensure proper function and safety of your trampoline

Some assembly skills

Trampolines do not come assembled and you will need to have some comfortability with putting together the pieces for the frame, springs, and enclosure. Included instructions simplify assembly, though you may want a second set of hands and a few specific tools - like a trampoline spring tightener - on hand before you put your Skywalker trampoline together.

Final Verdict

Now that you know what you’re looking for and are familiar with some of the most popular Skywalker trampolines, I’m more than confident that you have all of the information that you need to make an educated purchasing decision.

We’ve looked at all of the important considerations that you need to bear in mind when purchasing a trampoline, from yard size to safety concerns. We’ve also talked about Skywalker’s unparalleled pursuit of safety, which ensures that every trampoline in the lineup has secure enclosures and plenty of other safety features to keep jumpers safe.

Finally, we looked at six models that you might be interested. And while all of these models are great options, there is one standout favorite: the 15-foot jump n’ dunk trampoline.

Not only does this trampoline offer an expanded jump surface and impeccable safety considerations, the included basketball game brings fun to a whole new level. This trampoline appeals to older children, as well as siblings who might want another outdoor activity to participate in together.

Whichever model you choose, the Skywalker brand brings security, safety, and fun to all of its products, so you can rest assured that jumpers will stay safe and have the times of their lives.


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