Stamina 36-inch Folding Trampoline Review

Stamina 36-inch Folding Trampoline Review

The Stamina 36-inch folding trampoline is an at-home workout tool that gives you the option to squeeze in a cardiovascular workout anywhere you have a little over a three-foot square. From dorm rooms to crowded gym classrooms, this trampoline can go anywhere to provide an invigorating workout for athletes of all skills levels.

Whether you’re looking to beat the winter blues with an intense aerobic exercise or need a convenient piece of equipment to take along with you in the RV, the Stamina 36-inch folding trampoline is going to blow you away.

Stamina 36-inch Folding Trampoline Features

Even though the Stamina 36-inch trampoline is fairly standard-looking, it’s got plenty of features built in.

Best Seller

Thanks to its easy operation and low price point, the Stamina 36-inch trampoline is a best-seller at major retailers throughout the world. This popular trampoline has been reviewed many times, by mostly happy consumers who enjoy working out at home or giving their kids somewhere safe to blow off a little steam when the weather is bad.

Easy to Store and Transport

Perhaps one of the most approachable features of the Stamina 36-inch trampoline is its folding trampoline band and removable legs that make tear down and storage pretty straightforward. When it’s folded and disassembled, this trampoline can be stored in a closet or tossed in the trunk when you head off on your next road trip.

30 Band Tension

Instead of the traditional spring design of older trampolines, the Stamina 36-inch trampoline is designed with 30 interwoven elastic bands that provide the bounce you need to workout. These bands are strong, yet yielding for a smooth and secure jump.

Additionally, the band design makes operation quiet and non-interfering, so you can use it while you watch TV or early in the morning while the rest of the family is still sleeping.

Rugged design

This trampoline is designed with six rugged steel legs and a steel frame that make it safe and secure for many, many jumps. It is fairly tip-proof, thanks to its many legs and is also weatherproof, making it a good choice for indoor/outdoor activity.

A Great Workout

Rebound training is an ideal workout for a variety of athletic settings. From intense cardio classes at the gym to senior citizens doing rehab at home, the Stamina 36-inch trampoline offers a new dimension to ho-hum workouts.

This type of training is gentle on joints, to help you get a well-rounded aerobic experience without stressing your body. Additionally, this type of cardiovascular workout has been proven to aid in circulation throughout the body for a host of positive wellness effects, from stimulating the metabolism to lowering bad cholesterol.


  • Folding design makes it easy to setup and take the trampoline down, which works well for small spaces
  • 30 band tension gives you plenty of flexibility and strength for workout after workout
  • ​The Stamina 36-inch trampoline offers an effective and safe at-home cardio workout
  • The safe design makes this trampoline ideal for jumpers of all ages


  • The cover may be slightly difficult to stretch into place, due to the material it’s made from
  • While the trampoline can be folded for storage, some users report that it is fairly difficult
  • Legs screw off, rather than folding against the jump surface

Highlighted Features

  • Foldable jump surface and removable legs make it easy to store the Stamina 36-inch trampoline
  • 36-inch diameter offers ample jump surface for regular use
  • ​Tension bands are quiet and safe to use
  • A steel frame is rugged enough to stand up to a variety of home or gym settings


What is the weight limit for this trampoline?

The manufacturer recommended weight limit is 250 pounds.

I live in a small space. Is this an ideal trampoline for me to use and then put away when I have guests over?

Yes, the Stamina 36-inch trampoline is perfect for this type of setting! It is safe and sturdy when you need to use it, then the components fold neatly for storage in a closet or even under the bed.

Is this a quiet trampoline to jump on?

For the most part, yes, you can jump on the Stamina 36-inch trampoline without greatly disturbing anyone around you. The band design offers a sturdy jump without the noisy rebound of springs you might find in older trampolines.

Final Verdict

I recommend the Stamina 36-inch trampoline for anyone who’s looking to get a good workout from the comfort of their own home. Additionally, because of its portable design, this trampoline is a clear choice for athletes and others who wish to take their exercise equipment along with them when they travel.

From a well-thought-out design to straightforward operation, the Stamina 36-inch trampoline is ideal for anyone from children to the elderly. But don’t let its simple design fool you - this piece of equipment offers a challenging workout for anyone who wants it.


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