Super Jumper Combo Trampoline Review

Super Jumper Combo Trampoline Review

The Super Jumper Combo Trampoline is a great outdoor play toy for children from elementary school age and above. This trampoline is available in multiple sizes and designed for outdoor play with proper adult supervision.

It has an included outer frame and netting that keeps jumpers safe within trampoline bounds and minimizes the risk of accidents. An included spring guard adds to the overall safety of the trampoline and keeps young jumper safe from coming into contact with the springs.

Super Jumper Combo Trampoline Features

With plenty of features, the Combo is a great trampoline for a variety of families and outdoor settings. You can choose the perfect combo for your children and grandchildren to enjoy all summer long.

Available in four sizes

The Combo is available in four different sizes to accommodate jumpers of different ages and sizes. The smallest model is 4.5 feet in diameter, and better suited to small children. The largest model is 16 feet in diameter and is suited for older children who want to jump and practice tumbling maneuvers.

All models come with the same design features and safety elements to protect jumpers. They also have varying weight limits, so it’s important to check that the size you’re interested in suits the jumpers that you have in mind.

Super Jumper Combo Trampoline

Strong jump surface

The jump mat is discreetly and firmly sewed together to minimize rips and tears. It’s UV-resistant to resist fading and damage from being outdoors.

Additionally, the Combo’s jump surface is German TUV tested and TUV GS certified. It is securely anchored to springs around the entire perimeter and features middle markings to help jumper orient at the center to achieve the best jumps.

Fully enclosed

Padded steel tubing creates a safe, secure frame that keeps jumpers from falling out of the trampoline. A zippered net enclosure prevents accidents or mis-jumps that could cause someone to stumble off of the side of the trampoline. The steel frame features bright blue rubber tubing for visibility and to protect heads and limbs that may come into contact with it.

Great for kids

The Combo is designed with active kids in mind. Whether you have a younger child with plenty of energy to burn, a smaller yard that’s not conducive to running around in, or an older child that wants to practice their gymnastics moves, the Combo is an ideal fit for getting out this extra energy.

With proper supervision and by allowing only one jumper to use the trampoline at a time, this is a safe way to let little ones burn off their extra energy or practice their flips.

Galvanized steel frame

The galvanized steel frame is strong and secure. It resists rusts and other elemental weathering that comes with outdoor storage.

The molded frame is tip-proof and should stand up to years of jumping. If necessary, the frame can be disassembled for moving or winter storage.


  • This is a great piece of equipment for getting kids outside and engaged in healthy physical activity
  • Well-designed components make the trampoline strong and secure
  • ​Only one child should jump at one time, which could cause arguments between children who want to jump at the same time
  • No ladder for trampoline access included


  • Some users report problems with enclosure staying in place and upright
  • If metal pieces are compromised and break, they can leave sharp ends that could cause serious injury
  • ​Only one child should jump at one time, which could cause arguments between children who want to jump at the same time
  • No ladder for trampoline access included

 Highlighted Features

  • Galvanized steel frame is strong and weatherproof
  • Thick netted jump surface provides the perfect bouncy-ness
  • ​Netting keeps children safe and secure on jump surface
  • Great toy for outdoor play


What is the weight limit for this trampoline?

Different trampoline sizes are suited to different sized jumpers. For the smallest trampoline (4.5 feet), the recommended weight limit is 82 pounds. For larger trampolines, the limit is around 220 pounds, though individual manuals can give precise measurements.

Can multiple people jump at once?

It is not recommended that multiple people jump at once. Multiple jumpers present safety challenges and may compromise the integrity of the outer netting and/or the trampoline frame.

Is this for use indoors?

No, this product is not rated for indoor use. It is much too large to safely fit in interior rooms. The trampoline is designed with outdoor use in mind and should stay outdoors.

Final Verdict

The Super Jumper Combo trampoline is a great exercise tool for outdoor use. It can get children physically active, even in a small yard. The Combo is safe, and well-designed for good springiness from bounce to bounce.

Parents or grandparents looking for a good way to get their children a little more active will love adding the Super Jumper Combo trampoline to their home setup. With proper adult supervision, children can enjoy hours of healthy play activity on this tool.


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