Trampoline Safety Tips – Safety and Tricks

Trampoline Safety Tips

Trampolines are excellent big toys to have on demand in the yard. They are fun for the entire family. Trampolines provide great exercise that will help keep everyone active. Trampolines provide an experience like we cannot get from anything else. The defiance of gravity captivates kids and adults like.

Trampolines are great to have, but they do re quire extra caution. There is risk that comes with owning a trampoline. Acquiring knowledge regarding trampoline safety will ensure that you and your family will stay safe while having a blast.

Trampoline Safety

While trampolines add fun and excitement to your family’s activities, there are necessary safety precautions that must be followed. You should have a concrete set of rules that each family member understands and follows. As always, adults should lead by example.


Here are a few things to consider when setting up your trampoline:

The ground must be even prior to assembling your trampoline. An uneven ground is not fun to jump on, but it can also be dangerous. If there is a dip in the ground underneath the trampoline causes an imbalance in the jumping. This leads to unnecessary falls, and even falling off of the trampoline. Please ensure that your trampoline is assembled on a flat, even surface.

Make sure that your trampoline is set up in a clear area of the yard. You do not want to place it near bushes, trees, or any other large plants. Steer clear of fences, houses, and sheds when contemplating the ideal area for your trampoline. Also consider the space beneath the trampoline: it must always stay clear of people, objects, and pets.

You want to ensure that the area that you select for your trampoline is large. You need enough space to avoid hazards. You also want to allow safe access, including space for ladders, nets, etc.

Safety Equipment

There are plenty of extra safety features you can purchase for your trampoline. There is a spring guard that protects from getting pinched by springs. There is a safety net that can be installed to provide a barrier and prevent falls.

In addition to safety equipment, it is important to have backup pieces and parts for your trampoline. Carry extra springs, or an extra spring guard. Examine your trampoline frequently for any missing or broken pieces. If your trampoline is missing a piece or part, do not use it.

Appropriate Apparel

What you wear is definitely important when playing on your trampoline. Avoid shoes when jumping on a trampoline. Do not wear any look jewelry, or any jewelry that can get caught on your trampoline. Long hair should be worn up to avoid it getting pulled or snagged. Any loose clothing that can get in the way or caught on something should also be avoided.


As with any activity, many people can enjoy trampoline fun together. However, you want to keep a safe distance when jumping on the trampoline. Taking turns to jump or do tricks is encouraged. The group can sit around the trampoline and wait for his or her turn. It is important to not crowd when jumping together, so only allow a small number of people on the trampoline at a time.


Children will need adequate supervision when jumping on the trampoline. Ensure that there is an adult present at all times. The adult can get in on the fun as well, as they can take turns jumping with the kids.

Safety and Tricks

Kids and adults like to experiment with performing tricks on their trampoline. This is very attainable and can and should be done safely. As long as safety rules are followed, learning tricks will be fun. Ensure that proper instruction and supervision are present prior to attempting tricks.

Observing tricks that you would like to do is helpful when executing the movements. Seeing and visualizing your own outcome of the trick also contributes to the success. Of course, practice makes perfect.

Tricks are fun, but they can also be dangerous if you do not have the experience required. Some tricks require a high level of skill and experience with flipping on a natural surface. It is not recommended that you attempt a high level trick without proper practice, guidance, and supervision.

When learning new tricks on the trampoline, it is important to be cautious. However, do not let fear get in the way of your having fun. As with anything else, a little bit of nervousness or discomfort is expected when trying something new. Fear can be an inhibitor, so do not confuse caution with it. If you are afraid to perform a certain trick, then that is probably an indicator that you should not attempt it. DO NOT try anything extreme or dangerous.

Safely Learning Tricks

A good way to learn a trampoline trick is using steps: master each step prior to moving on to the next. When you have completed the cycle, you will have done the trick. Learning this way will also give you more confidence.

Trampoline Front-Flip

Learning how to perform a front-flip on a trampoline is rewarding. It is also a great way to work into doing more difficult tricks and movements. The front-flip is best to learn in steps, especially when you are a beginner.

Working your way up to a front-flip:

A front-flip can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Ensure you have a proper instructor to safely show you how to perform this and other more complicated tricks. Also make sure that the best supervision is available.

Step 1: Properly Bounce

This may sound silly, as a bounce is a bounce right? Well, let us explain. A proper bounce is jumping with purpose. Timing is key when achieving a bounce setting up a front-flip, or any trick for that matter. Make sure you have a rhythm and your bounces are timed and consistent.

Step 2: Roll

You will transition into a roll from your rhythmed bouncing. The roll is going to resemble and feel like a somersault. Start as low as you need to until you are comfortable with this step, which is a small trick all its own. You will land on your bottom, which is a great and safe place to start landing. Practice this step until you are completely confident with this motion.

Step 3: Jump and Flip

After you have perfected the bounce into a somersault, you can move forward with a front flip. You will need to bounce high enough to buy yourself time, so to speak. You will need to have time to push yourself into the flip in order to achieve the landing your desire. When you land a front-flip, make sure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Keep your knees bent when you land so that the force that your body will absorb is distributed properly. It is important to be loose when landing. Any stiffness could cause misdirected force, which may lead to an unexpected fall or worse.

With all tricks, allowing your body to flow with the movement will help prevent injuries. Make your body as light as possible to achieve fluid movements. When landing tricks, rolling will help with obtaining this light-body effect.

A Trampoline Trick for Children

It is understandable to not want to attempt tricks, especially in front of children. There are tricks that do not require any flipping, which both children and adults can enjoy. One of these tricks is bounces on your feet, then your knees, then your bottom. Children greatly enjoy this trampoline trick, as it allows them develop skills and feel athletic.

Step 1: Jump

Bounce on your feet. You want your bouncing to be timed and rhythmed.

Step 2: Bounce to Knees

Transition from jumping on your feet to dropping to your knees. Add the knee jump, or hop, right into your rhythmic bouncing.

Step 3: Bounce to your Bottom

You can add hopping on your bottom into this simple “trick.” Go right from jumping from your feet to bouncing on your bottom, or transition from hopping on your knees.

Final Step: Hop from Your Bottom to Your Feet

You can transition from bouncing on your bottom to landing on your feet again. Children love this trick and it is simple enough for them to accomplish. This is also a safe trick that people of all ages will enjoy doing.

There are plenty of fun activities that your family will enjoy with your trampoline. Whether it is jumped, or just sitting around slightly bouncing, the whole family can spend time together.

Trampolines are fun and exciting pieces of equipment to own. You can greatly enjoy your trampoline while have peace-of-mind. Stay knowledgeable with trampoline safety. Ensure you have everything you need for worry-free fun.

Trampolines provide great exercise, fun, and enjoyment. Your children will have a blast, and you will feel good about the fun they are having. Happy jumping!


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